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Acorn BBC Master 128 / Electron ROM cartridge

A custom designed case for the Knut Folmo’s Acorn BBC Master 128 / Electron ROM cartridge.

As sold by him on ebay under the name pondu67.

About the ROM cartridge itself

A newly made cartridge card for Acorn Master 128 or Acorn Electron with Plus 1 add-on , and they are made from the same schematic design as the original Acorn cards and support rom/eproms only.

The edge connector is also Gold plated to prevent oxidsation, tarnishing and corrosion over time, ensuring a long life cartridge.

The complete package

Available in traditional Acorn Beige.
Other colours can be arranged, please contact me for details.

Can be supplied as just the case if you already have the board
or a complete ready to use cartridge with the case and the board.

Case only
£10 + p&p



Case supplied with board

£26 + p&p



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  1. Trevor Boys

    These cases and boards are excellent quality, I have a number of them for my both my Electron and my Master. The colour matches the original BBC case very closely, and fits the Knut Folmo boards perfectly.

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