BBC Master owners …. Have you ever wished that your MMFS/SD module could plug in elsewhere? To leave your User Port unused so you can plug in a mouse, or Concept keyboard, turtle or Beeb-Wifi, or anything else else?

Or simply just rather your SD card reader is out of the way and safely tucked inside your computer?

I’ve produced some boards to create two additional user ports, that connect to the little-used modem connector inside the BBC Master series microcomputer.

I’ve also added an additional connector to easily connect a Micro SD reader, which can connect either direct to the board or via a cable extension if you want to be able to access the SD card without taking the lid off.

Naturally this uses one of the ports on the board, but still leaves the other port available for your own projects and all the time – and ofcourse the standard user port is also available for anything else.

The kit is just £30 plus postage, you will receive the adapter board, with 6522 chip and all the needed connectors, an eprom with the latest version of the MMFS software, an SD card preloaded with games, and a guide on how to install everything. All ready to plug in and go.

Please note that there are a three options of the connector on your Master, please check yours to ensure to request the correct version.

£30 each + p&p

Modem connector type :
CardReader Version :

Modem connector type :
CardReader Version :